Villa Adriana - Villa d'Este - Villa Gregoriana

We are in a strategic position to reach Villa Adriana, Villa Gregoriana and Villa d'Este


Tivoli The green hills, the fresh air, the beautiful scenic location makes Tivoli, as always, a great place to holiday. The ancient Tibur, during the imperial age had been the favorite summer residence by the Romans, and the striking beauty of its landscape was celebrated by poets, above all Orazio. For the visitor these classic associations are still perfectly expressed by the noble ruins of Villa Adriana, the so-called Villa of Maecenas, the Temple of the Sibyl perched above the falls of the river Aniene.

Terme Acque Albule Terme of Rome feature four swimming pools with a total area of ​​6.000mq of water surface. Two of essesono particularly suited for children; other suitable for swimmers. In addition to the beneficial exercise swimmers, they add that their sulfur on the skin and the respiratory system left by a natural "humage", as well as refreshing and ririquilibratrice of autonomic tone.


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